Launch initiation brainstorms across academia to foster the early awareness of (technology-based) entrepreneurship and the creation of new ventures, especially among graduate and undergraduate students. The entrepreneurship days will be promoted and organized with students associations, clubs and others student initiatives, in close cooperation with the technology transfer offices. The ultimate goal is to foster knowledge building about entrepreneurship in academia

14h00 – Opening: Coimbra University, UTEN, MCTES

Entrepreneurship @ Coimbra University

14h15 – Session I – Encouraging Entrepreneurial Thinking

Keynote speakers from Carnegie Mellon University and the University of Texas at Austin

Barbara Carryer, Adjunct Prof. Entrepreneurship, Embedded Entrepreneur, Project Olympus, Carnegie Mellon University
Dave MaWhinney, Serial entrepreneur and investor, Adjunct Prof, Entrepreneurship, Tepper School of Business and Heinz College, Head of i6Program – Agile Innovation System, Carnegie Mellon University
Gary Hoover, Serial Entrepreneur and Entrepreneurship Teacher, Author, Austin, Texas

15h30 – Roundtable Discussion

Moderators: Local Host Students Group, Local Host TTO, Tara Branstad, Center for Technology Transfer and Enterprise Creation (CTTEC), Carnegie Mellon University

16h00 – Coffee Break

16h30 – Session II – Entrepreneurship is Cool

Cam Houser, Austin Texas, VP of Bizdev at 3 Day Startup, Advisor at Mass Relevance
Stories / testimonies /entrepreneurs invited by the local host

18h00 – Closing by President of Students Group

More info at http://utenportugal.org/events/brainstorms-2011/ and speakers bio at http://utenportugal.org/events/brainstorms-2011/speakers/.


18 Março 2011 | Carlos Cerqueira - IPN